Hulk Smash


Half-Minotaur Dwarf
Abilities: 32/8/26/10/10/6
HP: 115 (136 during Rage)
AC: 24; touch 17; FF 16 (-1 during Rage)
Saves: 17/2/12 (+2 vs Spells, +2 vs Poison, +4 vs Maze, +3 Fort during Rage, +5 Will during Rage)
Base/Grapple: 7/22 ( +3 during Rage)

Great-hammer: 18/13, 3d6+17, 19-20/x4 Crit
Rage Great-hammer: 21/16, 3d6+22, 19-20/x4 Crit
Power Attack Great-hammer: 11/6, 3d6+31, 19-20/x4 Crit
Rage Power Attack Great-hammer: 14/9, 3d6+36, 19-20/x4 Crit
Gore: 12, 1d8+5, x2 Crit

x2 Great-hammer damage on a charge

+4 vs Bull Rush, Trip
+1 Attack vs Orcs and Goblinoids
+4 AC vs Giants
+2 Damage vs Monstrous Humanoids

Feats: Reckless Rage, (B)Power Attack, Extra Rage, (B)Endurance, Steadfast Determination

Class Abilities: Wolf Totem, Stone Warden, Trap Sense +1, Urban Tracker, Rage, Spirit Lion Totem, Combat Style: Strong-Arm, Spiritual Connection, Trap Expert, Favored Enemy: Monstrous Humanoids, Track, Scent, Minotaur Cunning, Stability, Weapon Familiarity, Stone-cunning, Dark-vision 60’


Titanium is a man on a mission. His father was a minotaur that tormented his home town for years, demanding maidens once a year as sacrifices for his continued allowance of the town’s existence. The year his mother was given, adventurers came to the village and drove off the creature, but not before it had planted Ti in his mother’s womb. She died to give him life later that year.

The Titan of Vorsoon, he was called, and became a fixture in his town, stronger than any of fellows. He helped mine the precious ores from the earth that was their livelihood. One day, the miners broke through a wall and discovered a lair of a creature much like himself. It was named Iron, and claimed to be The Titan’s half-brother. It wanted him to join it in terrorizing the village much like his father before him, but The Titan would have none of that. They fought, and though bloody and long, eventually The Titan won out.

He took from his brother’s lair several letters, correspondence with other of his brothers, and a gigantic hammer, one built specifically for his kind, which he still wields today. He left his home to hunt his brothers, for he knew they thirsted to reclaim their father’s old dominion. Using the letters and his natural gifts for tracking, he has since found and slain several of his brothers: Chromium, Cadmium, and Antimony. Learning their naming patterns, he has dubbed himself “Titanium,” and he will not rest until they are all dead. Then, once his father fears for his life, and knows what it is that comes him, having lost all his sons, then he will hunt him and finally make an end to his quest.


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