The hundred years war has just ended. For all but the most long lived of creatures, it is the only peace they have ever known. All the world and every race has been a part of this conflict upon many different fronts from many different nations. Some have played minor parts and others have attempted to remain out of the fighting but none remain that were unaffected. The conflict was officially called to an end as Vorsoon, Chereth and Murst signed the treaty of Centennium. The 3 most powerful surviving nations finally decided to end the fighting after a nearly 20 year long deadlock.

The peace has lasted now for nearly 3 months but it has been far from peaceful for the smaller nations. Lockwood, one such nation, has experienced constant raids by the Yuan-ti. Villages and farms on the borders of Lockwood have been robbed of their goods and food and many die in the near constant raiding. As the neighboring nations have declined Lockwood’s request for help, citing their own issues with keeping their borders safe, and the war having left them too poor to attract useful mercenaries, their only choice is to turn to the gods and their servants. In their time of need they turn to the church of Heironeous, the protector god. In a world torn with the ravages of war full of the needy, the hungry, the orphans and the maimed many ex-soldiers, farmers, blacksmiths and other craftsmen have heeded the churches call for strong stout men to save their once great nation.

One such group, a small band of four adventurers, has been doing Heironeous’ will for nearly a month now. They have seen the small towns ravaged by the Yuan-ti raiders, the women and children left without husbands and fathers, without homes and food. Under the guidance of priest Easthaven they may be Lockwood’s last hope for salvation.

Saving Lockwood

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