Saving Lockwood

The road so far
Last time on D&D

The party has been working for Father Easthaven for several months now. He has been doing what he can to save the people of Kabal from the constant raids by the Yuan-ti. Recently however a new threat has arisen in the form of an abomination of stitched together serpent bodies animated through vile magic. The party then met their Yuan-ti contact Ssris’ik who claims that Easthaven is behind the torturous procedures that bind the Yuan-ti into such a creature.

Attempting to barter peace between the forces, the party investigated Easthaven but found only a family bible fully of spells and rituals. Some of the rituals were beyond anyone’s comprehension, including Easthaven’s. This lack of information, coupled with the party’s contact viper seemingly killing a captive Yuan-ti scout, forced the party to return their investigation to the Yuan-ti.

This lead to the bard getting slapped with a curse and a new lead. After another encounter with a golem, they found a tunnel underground leading to a dungeon. Which now taunts them to enter.


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