The Drifter

The wandering bard


In the beginning it was just Victor. He was the ambitious man, full of hopes and dreams for the future, he saw an end to the war before any were openly speaking of such a thing. He had learned from his grandfather many lessons, among which was “History repeats itself unless we understand it.” Victor knew that The War wasn’t one war, but many wars, repeating themselves in such rapid succession that no one had time to breathe between each one. He learned the stories of the wars, and set out once he was old enough to tell the stories to the world.

Traveling was difficult, with all the fighting going on it was easy to stumble into a battlefield without really realizing it. But the battles had camps, and it was in these camps that Victor found shelter. He would tell his stories to the soldiers, and they would be inspired the tales to carry on their fight, for they could see the end as well.

While traveling these camps, Victor found another like him, one who told stories to the soldiers to inspire them to great feats and heroics. Walter was much braver than Victor though, he went onto the battlefield with the soldiers, trumpeting their victories, bringing fear to the enemies, and instilling in the soldiers a fervor that Victor had never seen before. He and Walter would talk long into the nights, about the magic laced into their voices, deciphering the power behind what it is they did.

One night, Walter shared a piece of music with Victor that changed him forever. It was just a snippet, but it was all it took to awaken the adventurer in him. The most beautiful piece ever heard, and it was but a single stanza for a single instrument in the grand orchestra to which the piece belonged. He had to find the rest, and bring what he did know to all who would listen. He would spread the tale far and wide.

He and Walter continued to travel together, and were soon joined by several others – Samantha, the quiet studious one who knew the ancient hiding places; Kale, the bodyguard who swore to protect those who bore the song of the Multiverse; Julius, the world-weary traveler that could find them lodging even in the grittiest of neighborhoods and get information from the most intractable of mercenaries; and Adam, the cynic who had looked in his youth for the song, never finding but unable to give up the quest.

Victor was happy to have his friends with him, and the adventure was fun, though unfruitful. Soon the war came to an end, and they were all excited for without the war blocking them, it would become easier to move around the world and find more pieces of the song. But then the borders closed. No one could travel, everyone had to stay in their countries so the war didn’t start again. Victor and his friends couldn’t stand it!

They went to the governments, and while they got strange looks from the officials when they talked amongst themselves, a deal was struck that allowed them to move around the nations – Victor and his friends would be “reporters.” They would tell the tales that needed telling to give hope to the people, to bring help to where it was needed most, and Victor would be able to look for pieces of the song.

Now, Father Easthaven has called Victor and his friends to Lockwood to learn the tale of the Yuan-Ti and spread their need for protectors to the outside. And so they have traveled to this remote nation, in hopes of bringing them the relief they need, as well as find more parts of the Song…


Adam traveled with the party for a time, having fallen in love with being the hero of Kabal instead of just its story teller. While pursuing the monster creating the snake golems, he fell to his supposed demise. This turned out to not be as true as the party originally thought, as he showed up in Edmund’s employ recently.

The Drifter

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