Saving Lockwood

Gerard's Journal #1

The days gone by

This is an historic time for Lockwood, perhaps even more so than the 100 years of war it has seen. The fallout from the war has been great and devastating. Yuan-ti barbarians raid our land, pillage our towns and slaughter our people. The other nations have no concern for our well being, looking to their own borders and interests, likely experiencing much the same problem. Vorsoon and Chereth have the ability and the resources to help us but claim they do not. Perhaps they simply wait for us to perish so that they may take our lands or perhaps they are ever ready for the next war by the other. Whatever the reason, they are not willing or able to help us and so we must find our own salvation. A salvation which I believe I have found.

While it has taken many forms over the past months I have managed to convince a group of adventurers to aid us. Quite a task considering I have nothing to offer them but good will and feelings, not the usual recompense for men that travel the world over. They have done much for me and I have decided it wise to start keeping a journal for those that come in the future. Whether or not I survive this tale, perhaps this book will and can add to the history of this world. At least in some small way, Lockwood can live on.

The current make up is of 2 dwarves and a human, each fine warriors, though one would not recognize one as a dwarf as he appears more like a mountain. The dwarves seem to be simple warriors, though their skill at the task is exemplary. I use “simple” only to suggest that they do not posses the gifts of magic, they are more than a match for any creature. The human does have some magic in his bones, rare thing indeed and a quality that he has put to good use.

They have been investigating our situation for some time and they have developed the idea that it is perhaps not entirely the fault of the Yuan-ti that we have these problems. They have discovered a fringe faction of humans that they claim have been provoking the Yuan-ti from the start. The veracity of these claims is yet to be proven but it is clear that not all is as it seems. Most recently they uncovered yet another hive of this faction and while they could not eliminate and indeed were captured by their leader, some man that is half lizard and half man. With some diplomacy they managed to barter their release and a formal conversation with this man at a later time. They were given time to decide were their loyalties lie and now they head off to the old Yuan-ti fortress to finish their conversation. With a little help from the Yuan-ti themselves they hope to kill him but I fear for what they plan now. Joining forces with and trusting the Yuan-ti does not seem prudent to me. I will have to wait and see how this ends for them.


Calposaur Calposaur

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